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Frizzy or dry hair? Our shower filter has interchangeable pods that help skin and hair depeding on your needs

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The easiest yet effective How wild--the one item that seems the silliest (water and beads in a bottle) turns out to be better than all the luxury creams and serums. PLUS it lasts for a year, not costing you an arm.

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Surprised by this! I was shocked to see results within 24 hours! I wasnt expecting much change so I was delighted to see my skin firmer and tighter and pores much improved. I love this product and Ive rarely seen such quick results! I dont know how it works but it does.

HSN Customer

Best product ever! Ladies if you want clear glowing hydrated skin this product is a game changer! After two days of using this people commented on my skin and how I get no wrinkles and flawless smooth skin! I told so many girls about this product and they are so happy they made the purchase! I’m never giving this up. My moms a dermatologist and she’s never seen such a good product before because the science behind this is a definite must for great long lasting skin!

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Reduces Redness and Brightens

reduce the visible effects of stress: redness, breakouts, accelerated wrinkling, excessive dryness and enlarged pores. Use right before applying makeup so that it goes on flawlessly; when your skin is hydrated, makeup goes on more smoothly for a dewy, glowing look

Powerful Blend of Ingredients

A proprietary formulation of Zinc, Magnesium, Tourmaline and Hydrogen in a time release ball delivers highly efficient hydration to the skin, acting as the ultimate moisture magnet. Just add distilled water into the Alkaglam facial mist and unlock the ingredients for up to a year


Our mineral beads release with the contact of distilled water, refill from the comfort of your home

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