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What is Alkaglam?

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What Makes the Alkaglam Work?

Thermal Springs like Lourdes France, have been known to have high amounts of Hydrogen. Hydrogen molecules are released due to the water mixing with the minerals and rocks.

According to the National Hydrogen foundation, one study tested a mineral water with reductive characteristics (most likely due to dissolved molecular hydrogen) and a prepared water containing molecular hydrogen. The results revealed that bathing in both of these waters decreased the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of human skin.

This is an important observation because healthy skin has reductive characteristics, and the ORP of the skin increases by oxidative damage (from sun exposure) and also by aging (as measured by lipid-peroxide level.)

According to a Japanese study done on Hydrogen water in the skin, after 3 months of bathing in Hydrogen water, participants saw a change in redness and wrinkles.

Alkaglam is compose of  crushed minerals  such as TourmalineMagnesium, and Calcium that is made into  a powder and then into ceramic beads; this is what we call, o-dobi beads.

When water runs through the beads, they slowly release the mineral that replicates thermal healing waters and slowly dissolves to create an electrical charge that helps our skin achieve radiance. A refillable device that can be used for up to 12 months.

Combat Acne

Prevent Wrinkles and Produce Collagen

Release Hydrogen

How to use your alkaglam spray?

Step 1

Fill alkaglam with filtered water.

Step 2

Wait 20 seconds for water to absorb the mineral.

Step 3

Enjoy thermal hydrogen water from your bottle.

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology

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I think it’s really cool, for you can refill this bottle over, and over again, and I love that idea.

Ome Khan - Consumer

I find the Alkaglam mist very refreshing, lightly moisturizing, and calming/soothing. I love seeing the little mineral beads through the window on the back of the bottle.

Deanna Utroske - Editor

This mist is so amazing because it really brings out the colors & tones in your makeup.

Jackie O - Morning Show Host



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