Science Behind the Glam

Science Behind the Glam


Alkaglam harnesses the time-tested healing power of minerals and crystals, instantly transporting you to the thermal springs of Lourdes by bringing together active ingredients, modern science and innovative technology. Our products are clinically tested and scientifically proven to yield real results. Our proprietary mix of O-Dobi beads consisting of powder extracted from crystals and minerals mixes with distilled water inside our refillable devices to revolutionize the way you treat your skin.

O-dobi beads work to slowly release minerals that replicate thermal healing waters. In thermal springs, water mixes with powerful minerals and rock which ultimately leads to skin feeling rejuvenated and soft. Inside our devices, water runs through o-dobi beads as they release tourmaline, magnesium and calcium – all minerals that work to increase collagen production, combat acne and decrease signs of aging.

The healing powers of thermal springs like Lourdes are known to contain high amounts of hydrogen, which is why we created the o-dobi bead to release hydrogen and relieve various skin conditions. Studies have shown that bathing in hydrogen will reduce wrinkles and increase skin’s elasticity.

Other facial mists claim to be spring water or mineral-infused, but are at risk for mineral depletion over time as they collect dust on a shelf or sit in a warehouse. Essentially, these products turn into filtered water that are acidic on the pH scale and are not safe or optimal for their intended use.

When distilled water is poured into an Alkaglam device, minerals are slowly dispensed into the water. The mineral beads do not dissolve and are locked inside of your product. Over time, minerals begin to decrease in potency - which is why registering your device and replenishing after one year is vital to the lifespan of your product. 

We stand behind the one year shelf life of our Alkaglam devices because our goal is to enhance your skin with efficacious products, while minimizing environmental impact by creating less waste. #themagicisinourminerals

 Scientific articles on Mineral effects on the skin: