Science Behind the Glam

Science Behind the Glam


Tourmaline:  We make it into a powder and then turn it into a ceramic bead. The mineral tourmaline, which is a mineral known to prevent wrinkles, also produces collagen.  Tourmaline is a mineral that releases a small electrical charge when temperature changes, which is why it is known as mineral that can combat wrinkles.

Magnesium is a known mineral that helps combats acne. It’s an important chemical that helps our immune system. Our bones are made up of magnesium, and overtime, our intake of magnesium depletes which is why we should be consume magnesium and use it topically.

The beads release hydrogen, in Japan it has become the next big thing in wellness. Hydrogen has been used to relieve people from different skin conditions. At Shudan University, after a month of bathing in Hydrogen water, patients saw a significant change in their skin issues.

A recent Japanese study in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology tested Japanese patients for three months, bathing in hydrogen water. They found that after bathing. they saw a significant amount of reduction in wrinkles, and increased production in collagen.

When water runs through the o-dobi beads, they slowly release the tourmaline, magnesium, and calcium that replicate thermal healing waters. Thermal springs have similar minerals that are released due to the water mixing with the minerals and rock. Which is why people see a big difference how there skin feel when they soak in a thermal spring. Thermal Springs like Lourdes, have been known to have high amounts of Hydrogen, which is why we created an o-dobi bead that release, and slowly dissolve to create an electrical charge. 

If minerals are not present in the water, it has probably been filtered by some method using RO, or other filtering methods which is acidic.

For example, other mineral facial mist claim to being spring water, or mineral infused, but the longer it has been sitting on shelves, the minerals will deplete over time, because water isn’t coming in constant contact with the minerals. Essentially, it turns into filtered water that is acidic on the pH scale.