Our Story


Michelle Vidal launched Alkaglam in 2018 with one mission, to create high quality truly sustainable skincare. Michelle began to work with her father engineer Freddy Vidal at their family-owned water filtration manufacturing plant in 2014

Freddy Vidal created leading and revolutionary products in the water industry for companies such as Brita, General Electric and Home Depot etc for the past 25 years. Mr. Vidal saw how his daughter suffered from redness and acne spots; he knew that high amounts of Zinc in thermal water would be able to help her. So, he created a mineral filter for her bathroom sink. After one month she saw incredible results.

Michelle Vidal began to research other facial mists currently in the market and saw that because water changes properties based on its environment, she saw that other facial mist had mineral properties that depleted a lot quicker, she knew the only way to truly change the composition of water was to invent a device that would have the ingredients inside to have constant contact with distilled water.   

 Alkaglam was created by combining water filtration and skincare in one revolutionary product that can be refilled for entire year releasing high amounts of magnesium, Zinc, tourmaline, and silver as an anti-bacterial.

This setting spray has become a favorite among makeup artists because it saves them money! If they run out spray for their clients, they just fill it up with filtered water, which creates a beautiful, dewy look.

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