How does it Work?

Alka Glam is composed of three different elements that work together to help revitalize your water. First, magnesium beads helps break up the clusters of H20 molecules commonly found in regular water into smaller clusters that are easier for your skin to absorb, increasing the water’s effectiveness at hydrating and moisturizing your face. Next, tourmaline, which generates a tiny electrical charge when exposed to pressure, energizes the water (increases the speed at which it vibrates). Since the natural frequency of water is also the natural frequency of your body, this increased energy is easily passed on to your cells, which revitalizes them and encourages health. Finally, although we encourage the use of filtered water, we also add o-dobi beads to our Alka Glam mix, which helps increase the pH balance in your skin. As a byproduct of this process, it also helps neutralize “active oxygen” and increase the free hydrogen content of the water.

What kind of water should I use?

Bottled water, we suggest bottled water that has no minerals no spring water. Most generic brands will work, distilled water, and if you have reserve osmosis water filter this water will work.  Do not use tap water it will damage the beads, tap water has chlorine which can affect the mineral beads


What are the Benefits of pH Balance Spray?

As we age, our skin becomes more acidic in response to our lifestyle and our environment. Everything that comes in contact with our skin (products, smoking, air, water, sun, pollution) can contribute to the breaking down of the facial mantle, disrupting the skin’s ability to protect itself. Our minerals create a pH balance to make skin more radiant.

How long does it Last?

AlkaGlam Mineral spray delivers hydrogen-rich water for up to 1 year if directions are followed.  

*Filtered Water: Bottled spring water, Zero Water filter, etc. are all fine. Tap water should not be used since it probably contains chlorine that will shorten the life of the O-Dobi Beads.

How does it Save me Money?

 Other mineral mists require you to keep buying new bottles, costing an average of $448 per year depending on the brand. AlkaGlam Mineral Spray can be refilled with filtered water and used for up to a year, retailing at $55 for the year!

Will it Ruin my Makeup?

No! Alka Glam Facial Mist acts can set & highlight your makeup, holding it in place while vitalizing the skin to make it appear more radiant and youthful. A light misting over makeup can revive color throughout the day. Use spray arm's length away. Spray on brushes and then dip into your eye shadow to bring out the colors in makeup

How do I use it in my Skincare Routine?

We recommend using ALKAGLAM after you use your moisturizer at night to lock in your moisturizer.   Spray on your neck after using neck creams to lock in your cream moisture. Through out the day for a quick pick me up. Keep at your desk to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated!

How do I test the mineral strips?

When you first use the ALKAGLAM  rinse twice and let the beads sit for at least two minutes then pour ALKAGLAM water into a glass then let strip sit for 5 seconds and then see what level it shows on your card, if the level is 7 or higher the mineral content is high test periodically every three- six months once the pH drops to 6 it is time to purchase a new one.


To test against water, test the strips against bottled water with out minerals. Tap water will test high due to traces of calcium found in tap water but it also has many irritable contaminants, which can be damaging to the device.

Is it fragrance free?

Yes! our ALKAGLAM Vitamin C is 100% fragrance free


Do I shake it every time I use it?

Shake only when filling in a new batch of water.


Can I travel with it?

 Yes it is travel friendly, the bottled holds 50 ml of liquid which means you can take it on the plane with or with out water.


How do I know it is time to replace it?

Our card comes with an instruction sheet that leads you to this page

If you have a smart phone just open your camera on your phone and hover it over the QR code put in the date that you first filled water into the device. We will email you a year later when your ALKAGLAM has expired.

How many times a day should I use it?

The ALKAGLAM can last for up to a year, but sometimes less depending on usage, if you use it more than three times a day check strips about every 3-4 months, to see how much life is left in the device. We recommend using the ALKAGLAM three times a day

Do the beads dissolve?

No, the beads do not dissolve, the beads will lose potency over 12 months. The concentration of the ingredients will start to dilute over time.