Real Customer Results

AlkaGlam founder Michelle Vidal struggled with acne and skin problems for years. Her father, a water engineer with his own plant in Valencia, California, began experimenting with formulations adding zinc and other minerals to H2O in the hopes of finding a healing solution for her troubled complexion. A mineral water filter, which served as an early prototype, cleared her skin in 30 days (shown above.) Michelle and her father worked for years to perfect the patented multi-chambered water bottle, which is the key to infusing filtered water with the right mixture of healing minerals. Michelle has made it her mission to share AlkaGlam's thermal mineral-mist-in-a-bottle with with others who have challenging skin.

"I've never seen such a difference in a product almost immediately. I have such sensitive skin. I have used products that take months to change." - Customer review after using AlkaGlam for one day.