Alkaglam Part of The Biggest Beauty Trends From IBE NY 2018 You Need To Watch

For brands striving for the cleanest formulations possible, it makes sense to green their entire production process. Many brands on the IBE floor shunned beauty product stalwarts like plastic packaging and water-based formulations to forge more sustainable production paths.

Alkaglam: From sheet masks to lip stains, waterless beauty products have been gaining (a dry) steam, and it’s unsurprisingly been indies leading the charge. For Alkaglam creator Michelle Vidal, going waterless was her a-ha moment on how she could harness the skin-healing powers of hydrogen-rich and mineral-infused water to create her refillable face mist. “Most filtered, bottled water is acidic,” relays Vidal. “When combined with acidic water, Alkaglam remineralizes the water to add hydrogen.” Customers can refill Alkaglam, which holds 50 milliliters of water, for up to a year. 

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